Its all about the ear rings

July 31, 2022

Ear rings can be the icing on the cake for any outfit

Ear rings are one of those pieces of jewellery that you don’t need to know too much about the person you are making them for.  The only question you need answering is do they have there ears pierced or not, what ever they answer you can still make them a beautiful pair of ear rings.

Non Pierced Ears

So does it matter if you don’t have piecred ears? No it doesn’t matter, we have so many diferent ear ring findings now for non pierced ears and they are not like the horrible pinchy ones from the 80’s they have come on so far and are very comfortable.  If you would like to purchase non pierced ear ring findings to go with any of my ear ring kits please email me and I can sort that out

What choices do I have for pierced ears?

The main 2 ear ring findings that we use are the Shepard Hooks (also known as fish hooks) and post and back. Shepard Hooks simply go through the piercing and create a ear ring that sits below the ear lobe perfect for a more dramatic look or a chandelier ear ring. If you have long hair or the ear rings are quite heavy you can up a little plastic ear stopper on the back to stop it falling forward.

The other type that we use a lot is the Post(or stud) and Butterfly back. This is a very versatile finding as you can get posts with pegs on them for half drilled gemstones or pearls making the classic stud ear ring, or you can get a post with a loop on it to add a design that again sits below the ear lobe. It can be a more secure option if you are using expensive gemstones or wanting the design to be on the ear lobe and below.

These are just 2 options of findings but there are more that you can buy from hoops, threaders, cuffs, ear jackets, huggers and many more

What tools do you need to make ear rings.

You will be pleased to know that you only need a basic tool kit to create most styles of ear ring so no need to buy extra or expensive tools. So what are you waiting for grab your tools and lets start making some fabulous ear rings.

Check out these fabulous kits

At Rocks n Chains we do kits for everyone from elegant ear ring kits to fabulous chain maille kits. Check them out here

Jewellery making Subscription Box

Also at Rocks n Chains we have one of the UK’s best jewellery making subscription boxes called Relax n Craft. Each month you wil receieve a fabulous box of jewellery making goodies that you can use to Relax n Craft with.  But don’t worry its not just a box of goodies its also a gateway to learning new jewellery making techniques as each box comes with downloadable tutorials as well as an invite to a Facebook group where I do Live demonstrations on how to make jewellery click the button to find out more


  1. Nerissa Morris

    I have been buying kits from Fleur for the past couple of years. I have purchased some really lovely kits; including mala necklace and bracelet kits, chain maille and more recently the Relax and Craft monthly kit boxes. The gem stones are all absolutely lovely with good quality materials. Along with Fleur’s written and live Facebook tutorials, it makes a one stop shop for your jewellery makes. Absolutely love it 💝

  2. Jill Houghton

    Been buying from Fleur for a few months now. I love all her products from tutorials to kits and tools. The relax n craft boxes are brilliant value and great quality. She can do no wrong, always get a tad excited when the postie is due to deliver something from her ❤️. She has helped me get back into a hobby I used to love, until I lost my mojo. Can’t thank you enough Fleur

  3. Jane Bramley

    I have been a subscriber to the monthly kit since its inception and am still eagerly and excitably awaiting the postie when it’s due. I am still regularly watching for new kits, especially chain maille which stretches my mind and dexterity. The delight I feel on finishing a piece is huge and if I get into difficulties I know I can turn to the lovely Fleur for help and advice.


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